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What our customers say about Master Coyne’s Kum Sung Martial Arts of Middletown, NJ:

" Absolutely love Master Coyne Kum Sung Martial Arts --- Master Coyne is the best teacher --- my kids (I have 2 boys, a 3 and a half yr. old and a 5yr. old) have learned very valuable lessons, such as discipline, respect, gross motor skills, attention... it is wonderful and worth the money! My 5 yr. old is already a brown belt and is so proud of all he's learned! Builds confidence and self-esteem.... love it. " -

​Sharon Z.

" My daughter has been attending this school for 2 years now. Master Coyne teaches all the classes himself, and the classes are broken down into smaller "similar-belt" classes, so you don't run into the problem of having black belt kids sparring white belts. My kids have attended 4 schools in the area and this one blew all the others away! There are also CDs available so you can review the belt tests, and self defense moves, etc., at your own leisure before promotion tests, which is a HUGE benefit in my opinion. My daughter loves this school and would attend classes every single day if she could"

Celine C.

" Our son is partially sighted and we were hestitant about letting him try karate, but after meeting with Master Coyne we felt he was in good hands. Here we are 2 months later and if our son had his way we'd be at the school everyday training! Master Coyne teaches all the classes himself so he knows every child by name & knows what they are capable of. In the 2 months we have been there our son has already trained with 3 different weapons and has been in a tournament. He has found a sport that is perfect for him and wants to continue up to black belt. "

Jenniene H.

" They offer karate lessons to both adults and children as young as 2 years old. Good instruction and the children were all involved and kept motivated which isn't always the case at other places. "Judy H." The tremendous enthusiasm and charisma that Master Coyne exudes captivates and engages each student for the duration of each class. The easiest way to measure his effectiveness as a martial arts teacher is by watching the smiling faces walking into and out of each class. "

Chris B.

" My son has been attending since September and can't wait for his classes each week. (Background: 3 sports later, which he was good at all but his heart wasn't into them, and this is the one that has him hooked;however, it's really Master Coyne's teaching style.) Master Coyne makes the classes fun & exciting but still insist on respect and full attention. He pays attention to each child. He works with them(highlight on the WITH) until they succeed. My son(a white belt)went to tournament for the first time and became extremely nervous in the blink of an eye. Master Coyne took the time to talk to him and stay with him until he felt more confident. Even a parent near me was surprised he took the time with a white belt. For Master Coyne it was the child not the belt. I can't ask for more than that! His assistant, Senja, is amazingly helpful. She has time for everyone and every parent's need.As a teacher, I would recommend his school to anyone who has a child with low self-esteem, ADD or ADHD. As a mom with a child who has none of those, it's still the BEST! Master Coyne's teaching style, attention to the individual child, and patience level is amazing! "

KJ j.

​" Thanks to Master Coyne my 17 yr old son, now a black belt is the most honorable, disciplined boy in his class. His martial arts training has reflected positively in his entire life. I am so proud of him and his continued efforts. THANK YOU MASTER COYNE !!! "Alecia" Master Coyne Kum Sung Karate is a great place for some fun karate classes. They teach the children very well and take each step slowly. Karate teaches self discipline and is great exercise. Plus they throw great birthday parties! "

​Scott D.