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master coyne's bio

Grandmaster Coyne recieved his first black belt while studying in Korea from the President of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation.  He studied in Korea for an extensive amount of time and trained with the Korean Tae Kwon Do Olympic Team.  Grandmaster Coyne also studied in Hong Kong (where he trained with Jackie Chan) and Osaka Japan.  He now is one of the few martial artists in the United States to hold a Seventh Degree Black Belt.

As a child, Grandmaster Coyne was diagnosed with dyslexia but was able to overcome his condition though the training and philosophies or Kum Sung Martial Arts. He has studied and continues to study under the teaching of Grandmaster Kum Sung, the founder of Kum Sung Martial Arts.

  • Grand Champion at numerous tournaments throughout the country

  • Hall of Fame Award winner for instructor of the year, several times over!

  • Competitor of the Year – Expert Weaponry

  • Instructed our military in combat and certified police and law enforcement agents in self defense and PR24

  • Stuntman/actor in movies and TV commercials (Double Dragon; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Mortal Kombat)

  • Seventh Degree Grandmaster in World Kum Do/Tae Kwon Do